Reno A&E

Reno A&E

Reno A&Eproduces a number of electronic products, inductive loop detection systems were the first products produced. An inductive loop vehicle detection system consists of two parts: an inductive loop and a detector module. An inductive loop is a wire usually wound in a rectangular or square shape that is typically seen cut into the pavement.

LF-300 Loop Finder

Locates buried & hidden roadway inductive loops
Includes Loop Finder Unit, 6 ft. Connecting Cord, 3 ft. Loop Probe with Handle, Ear Phones and 9V battery
LED meter & ear phones provide field strength indications

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HM1 Series

Holds up to 3 H1 Series Detectors Input Power
Compact Size 24 VAC
Mounts very easily in most operators
3 Heavy Duty Terminal Strips for Reliability

Input Power
24 VDC
12 VDC
120 VAC
24 VAC

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