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Sentex Systems Crown Jewel

The Crown Jewel is the most advanced telephone entry system for securing gated residential entrances. Its elegant design and extensive features allow any residence to increase the level of security while enhancing the value of the home. With budget constraints always an issue, Sentex designed a host of features in every model at one low cost making it the perfect solution.

The Crown Jewel is a small, non-obtrusive, self-contained unit that connects directly to your existing phone line, known as a No Phone Bill System. Since the connection is made to your existing phone system, it does not require any additional monthly phone charges.

Family members, delivery persons, or friends can be issued a unique 4-digit access code that is used to enter the gated entrance without having to initiate a call sequence. When visitors are not welcome, such as 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM, a time schedule can be assigned that prevents access automatically. Additionally, all calls can be suppressed by enabling a manual or time based Do Not Disturb feature. This prohibits a person from driving up to the entrance in the early morning hours and ringing the phone.

For an extra level of security, you may choose to view the person requesting access at the gate. The Crown Jewel supports a built-in CCTV camera that displays live video direct to your television or monitor. The system also maintains the last 250 actions and programming entries stamped with the date and time of the event for reviewing historical events.

There are several ways of programming a Crown Jewel. If a computer is available you can use the intuitive Windows 95/98 based software tool for retrieving, sorting, and programming the unit. If a computer is not available, the Crown Jewel can be programmed using a standard touch-tone phone or the Crown Jewel keypad. Whichever method you select, guided prompts ensure programming time is kept to a minimum.

The Crown Jewel is available in several attractive styles to match the taste of the homeowner. They are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and typical vandalism. Whether installing on a pedestal or flushed into a custom stand, the Crown Jewel’s lighted keypad and bright letters make it simple for anyone to view and operate.

Entry Codes
Up to 75 unique 4-digit access codes can be assigned to unlock the gate or door without needing to call the resident. In addition, all codes can be used to latch the gate or door open. All transactions are logged for future retrieval.

Distinctive Ringing
Provides a unique double ring on the resident’s telephone to distinguish between a standard call and gated entrance call.

Call Waiting
Allows the resident to answer a call from the gate while in the middle of another outside call. Similarly, if a call is in progress to the gate and an outside call rings, the resident can switch over to take the call and return back to the original gate call.

Call Forwarding
Allows the Crown Jewel to dial a pre-programmed telephone number when the resident is not at home. The resident can then grant or deny entrance from that remote location (This can be a manual or time activated function.)

Do Not Disturb
The homeowner can enable a period of time to not accept any calls from the Crown Jewel. This can be accomplished manually through a touch tone phone or via a pre-planned time schedule, such as 7:00 PM to 9:00 AM.

Gate/Door Unlock Scheduling
The main or auxiliary gate can be configured to automatically open twice per day for a pre-defined time scheduling.

Holiday Programming
Up to 10 holidays can be defined to prevent automatic unlock scheduling.

Controllable System Relays
Allows the main gate and an auxiliary connection (a second gate or door) to be controlled, such as opened to let a visitor enter. The relays can be remotely managed from the manager’s or any remote touch-tone phone. Once connected, the relays can be latched open permanently or pulsed from 1 to 99 seconds.

Tone/Pulse Dialing
Each system can be site configured to operate on the two types of available phone lines.

Alarm Calling
If one of the gates or doors is forced open or held open too long, the Crown Jewel can automatically be triggered to phone the residence or a telephone number defined. An alarm can also be initiated if a visitor attempts too many incorrect access code attempts.

Multiple Call Locations
Allows the visitor to place a call to up to three telephone numbers other than the main residence. If the calls are directed to an outside line, telephone charge may apply. The Crown Jewel supports up to an 11 digit dialing sequence.

Multiple Gate Entrances
The Crown Jewel can be networked with up to 6 other Crown Jewels on a single telephone line when multiple entrances are required. Each unit is connected to its own bypass board. Only the "calling" system location gate opens when access is granted.

Internal Modem
Provides the ability to program the system via a personal computer from a remote location.

Lightning Protection
Physical inputs and telephone line connections contain some protection against typical voltage spikes, such as phone line variances and lightning. However, in an area where lightning is prevalent, external surge suppressors should also be used to minimize any power hits to the unit.

Battery Backed Clock/Calendar
The Crown Jewel is provided with a 365-day clock for up-to-date time scheduling and event recording. Leap Year is also automatically adjusted.

Non-Volatile Memory
In the event power is removed from the unit, the database information will be retained in memory allowing immediate start-up and operation when power is restored.

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