Select Engineered Systems

Select Engineered Systems

Access control systems, Help Communications systems, Telephone access control, Elevator control systems, Card access systems with telephone access as a feature, digital keypads (stand-alone and systems), card access systems for two to 16 doors, access control building communication system (no phone line), high-rise/condominium/ residential security/alert with voice for on-site monitoring, telephone line powered emergency help station/systems, RF technology.

Select Pass and Multi Pass RF Transmitters

Select Engineered Systems Select Pass and Multi Pass products are a line of individually coded, rolling code
transmitters and receiver products. Both products are available with 1, 2 or 4 buttons. The one and two button transmitters are small key
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SelectGate SG2 – SG2M

“Do Not Disturb” by Time Zone (schedule).
100 PIN Codes, each programmable by Time Zone
and function as well as making them valid by date or permanent.
9 Programmable Time Zones.
26 Bit Wiegand Input, for Card Reader, Receiver and
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TEC 101 Telephone Entry Systems

The Select Engineered Systems TEC101 provides basic telephone entry with the SES advantage. TEC101 is offered in four capacities; 50, 125, 500 and 995 codes to match your building’s requirements. Both units are offered with 2 relays standard and have Read More

TEC 2 and TEC 4 Telephone Entry Systems

The Select Engineered Systems TEC 2 provides a single name, backlit LCD display that will scroll both forward
and backward. The Select Engineered Systems TEC2 characters are 5/16” (8 mm) high. This display is very clear, even in bright sunlight.
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Select Engineered Systems CAT CARD 2 and CAT CARD 4 Features:
Either two (CAT CARD 2) or four (CAT CARD 4) wiegand inputs.
The ability to maintain the same data base as a CAT telephone entry.
A RS485 interface for
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TEC VIII and AdvanTEC Telephone Entry Systems

The Select Engineered Systems TEC VIII and AdvanTEC provide outstanding standard features:
Directory display provides 8 names at a time with characters that are 5/8” (14 mm) high and the directory
scrolls forward and backward.
The LCD directory display is
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