Access Control Systems That Keep Your Workplace Safe & Healthy

Today, access control systems continue to adapt to the pandemic’s continuously changing and challenging environment. As businesses start to reopen, kids begin to go back to school and people begin to travel again, there is a growing need for comprehensive temperature screening systems that are cost-effective and efficient. With Southwest Automated Security, you can find access control systems that will keep workplaces and public areas safe.

The Need for Temperature Detection Access Control Systems 

Recently, CBS News reported that nearly half of American professionals are afraid to return to the office due to growing concerns about COVID-19. And, while millions of students return to the classroom, many people are concerned about infections increasing over the school year. Offices, schools, airports and businesses need accurate and efficient screening procedures that will keep people safe and at ease while returning to their normal daily routine.

Provision-ISR’s Revolutionary Easy-Check Access Control System

Provision-ISR will give your clients the workplace safety they need. Their Easy-Check access control system comes with temperature detection, mask detection and facial recognition all in one system. It allows access to specified areas by accurately detecting body temperature, checking for a mask and recognizing facial characteristics that are not covered by a mask. This system easily integrates with Ossia CMS v1.2.1.

The Unmatched Uniview Temperature Screening One-Stop-Shop

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive selection of temperature screening and access control integrated products, Uniview has you covered.  Their product selection is perfect for groups, individuals and access control integration with non-contact temperature screening. Uniview has everything for every situation and any budget, from thermal screening to thermopile screening and access control systems.

If you haven’t looked into temperature detection, facial recognition technology and access control systems, there’s no better time than right now. The team at Southwest Automated Security is here to ensure you stay on top of the security trends in 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re interested in Provision-ISR or Uniview solutions, we want to hear from you today. Contact us and let us know which access control system you’re interested in.

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