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October is National Employee Ownership Month, and we took a second to sit down and talk to a few of our team members about what it means to be an owner of a company. Here are some of the reasons why employees love sharing ownership at Southwest Automated Security, and what Employee Ownership Month means to them:

1. What does National Employee Ownership Month mean to you?

“National Employee Ownership Month means opportunity. We all have the opportunity to have a very significant impact at SAS. The more I do, the better it is for the company, but also, and most importantly, the better it will be for myself and my fellow employee-owners. I like to think about it as a rent to own situation. You are putting all of your time, efforts, etc. into something you are going to highly benefit from in the end. And that’s what ESOP month means to all of us.” – Javier Delgado

2. How do you teach employees to think like owners?

“We show them the difference between being a producer vs. consumer.  We also help them to understand how all the dollars make sense.  People tend to take care of things they own.  Sharing the vision and mission of the company with the team and letting them give feedback and have an active part in being a contributing factor of the decisions and directions of the business.” – Marsha’ Lee

3. What culture does employee ownership create?

“It creates a family atmosphere. We all have each other’s best interests at heart since it is also our best interest. It’s also family-oriented since an ESOP plan naturally motivates you to stay long term, you can get the very best out of it. It seems like most people here are in it for the long haul because of that. I’ve met some of my closest friends here at this company that feel the same way I do, which again just seems to hammer home even more that it’s a family atmosphere.” – Paul Westerdahl

4. What advantages do employees and partners have because of employee ownership?

“Employees and partners alike see the pride we take in doing our jobs as effectively as possible. Partners see we are here for them because they are the ones that allow us to have success. We are here to help take them to the next level, which in turn takes us to the next level. Employees, among so many other things, benefit from employee ownership by means of a retirement plan. Most younger people never consider saving money for retirement. It’s something way off in the future that they can’t even begin to think about. This retirement plan builds money for retirement without any of us having to give it a second thought and that’s pretty dang amazing!” – Daniel Andermann             

5. What does employee ownership month mean for SAS and how are you celebrating?

“I feel like employee ownership month is just a great way for fellow employees to get to know each other, especially for SAS, having branches in several different states. We celebrate National Employee Ownership Month as a company by doing fun events and involving our customers and family.” – Patrick Mersch

We’re so excited to celebrate National Employee Ownership Month by serving our customers and spending quality time with each other. As we move into the final quarter of 2020, we’re looking forward to seeing our company grow, develop and better serve our team and customers. For more information about Southwest Automated Security, contact us today. 

Photo Sourced from Getty Images #1231521430

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