Creating a Proactive Customer Sevice Focused Team

We dedicate ourselves to questioning the status quo, discovering innovative products and delivering exceptional customer service. From day one, the team at Southwest Automated Security has helped our partners with tailored solutions and customized service. Our team consists of security professionals who develop new solutions and products. Here is how we are building a proactive, customer service focused team:


Why We Look for Product Improvements and Innovations

Our team is in constant pursuit of mastering the industries we serve. Performing at the highest-level means you are actively learning, and because of that, we always find improvements and innovations that move SAS and our partners closer to technical and service-oriented proficiencies. We accomplish this through constant communication with our esteemed partners and colleagues, customers and manufacturers. 


How SAS Makes the Dealer Feel Part of the Team

We focus on hosting training sessions, advocating on behalf of dealers with manufacturers, walking job sites and troubleshooting electro-mechanical and electronic security systems after the manufacturers have closed for the day. We are there whenever our dealers and manufacturers need us to assist in any and every way possible. Our team strives and succeeds by listening and finding solutions for our dealers, every time. 


Building Trust Between Our Team and Our Dealers

Trust is built the same way in every relationship. Service starts with kindness and honesty, which leads to respect and communication. Respect and communication lead to great customer service, which breeds unity and then inevitably leads to trust. We know that evolution is natural in every industry. That’s why we continuously reevaluate our products for safety, precision and quality. By staying vigilant to new ideas and trends, we build an unbreakable bond with our partners. 


Continually Investing in the Growth of Our Team

We have numerous training sessions every week for our team. From webinars geared toward teams of people across the company to branch procedural training, we strive for greatness and believe that greatness is only achieved by sharpening our skills and tools. To become customer service focused means we regularly view ourselves from the perspective of our customers. We always evaluate what our customers want to see and expect from us. 


Putting Our Team in the Shoes of the Customer

Most people may not be able to describe what kind of service they want, and others may be able to explain it, but the level of service they require changes day to day and even year to year. We continuously identify areas of improvement and reward team members who have exhibited exemplary service. Whether the service is for customers, fellow employee owners or manufacturers, we reward our team with medals and rewards from our RVPs and BOD. 


How Our Customers View Our Customer Service

We consistently train and educate our team members on how to improve efficiency and productivity. Most dealers shop with us because of the level of service they receive. We established ourselves as a key player in the marketplace by our unparalleled customer service. We always want to make our customers’ lives easier, and we know they believe that we are trying to improve their lives daily.


From streamlined ordering innovations to unparalleled customer care, we believe that what drives our excellent customer service is the people who work for the company. At SAS, we want to help all of our customers feel like royalty with our level of service. When we make our customers happy, our team is ecstatic. Are you ready to partner with an electronic security provider who cares about their customers? Contact us today to become a trusted SAS dealer! 


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