2021 is just around the corner, and as we enter a new year, we’re anticipating exciting changes in the electronic security industry. As technology advances and new challenges arise, the team at Southwest Automated Security is ready to help all of our partners learn about the new solutions and trends in 2021. Here are a few 2021 security trends that we’re anticipating in electronic security:

Home Upgrades with Electronic Security

As technology integrations in our homes started to take grasp in 2020, smart home security has started to emerge. AI has increased the home owner’s ability to secure their property with a greater level of protection and has allowed people to control features of their home from almost anywhere in the world. We expect home security integrations to continue throughout 2021, and we plan to offer the best products available to our customer base. 

Video Audio Security Cameras Are Coming

One of the fastest-growing advancements in CCTV is the integration of surveillance and PA systems. Companies across the country have been integrating systems into their businesses that allow them to not only run surveillance on their assets but also talk to intruders or suspects that are caught in restricted areas.  This will continue to advance in 2021, and we’re keeping a close eye on its growth.

Facial Recognition Access Control Is Here to Stay

Biometric security has been on the rise for many years, but the fastest-growing segment in access control has been facial recognition. Since the pandemic, companies have turned to facial recognition access control solutions to help provide their employees with a safe and secure environment. There’s no doubt that facial recognition will continue to trend in 2021. 

Our team is dedicated to keeping you up to date with security trends in 2021. We’re ready to help solve your customer’s unique situations with durable, reliable and advanced electronic security products. If you have any questions about what you should expect in 2021 in the electronic security industry, contact our team today. 

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