Mega Swing
Options: 500 Watt Heater With Automatic Thermostat
Relay: Mag-lock relay. Use to control a magnetic lock on your gate (PN: 912B)
Swivel Arm: Secondary arm with swivel ends for up hill swinging gates. (Allows secondary arm to tilt up & down)

Mega Swing Accessories

Release pin for Mega Swing operators
Controller for Mega Swing UL operators

Mega Swing

DC Solutions Mega Swing – Commercial-Duty DC Swing Gate Operator
The Mega Swing is a DC-powered addition to the DC Solutions® family of gate operators. Designed with a 24V DC (1/2 HP equivalent) motor, this model provides exceptional starting torque and continuous operation, making it ideal for most applications. Constructed with an aluminum alloy chassis, it´s corrosion resistant and light enough for one person to carry and install. The heavy-duty motor supports gates weighing up to 650 lbs. and up to 18 ft. in length.
The DC Solutions Mega Swing was made to be unique in the industry through innovative design and solid engineering. Its single State of the Art universal electronics control board eliminates the need for motor relays and contactors. Its full service controller is capable of accepting inputs from telephone entry, loop detectors, card readers, push buttons, etc… Built in regulated 24VDC backed up power provided for accessories (detectors, radio receivers, card readers, mag-lock). Should AC power fail, the unit can run on battery power or be set to auto-open with a 15 second delay. In the unlikely event the unit should be rendered inoperable (fire, flood, lightning), the drive arm assembly can be disengaged so the gate can be pushed open by hand. Finally, its rugged modern design and cutting edge technology will make the MEGA SWING the perfect choice for all your swing gate applications.
No power? No problem!
Built-in battery backup provides seamless operation of the gate operator and all DC control and sensing devices in the event of a power loss

built in battery backup power source
high torque 1/2HP 24V Dc motor
open on power loss with 15sec.
anti-tail gate with quick close feature
molded Polyethylene cover-uv stable
unique “Clam Shell” cover design
IRD senses open and close obstruction rust proof aluminum alloy chassis
soft start and stop when in motion
13-15 second open/close time
LED input and diagnostic indicators
mosfet motor drive-no contractors
safe low voltage control circuitry
maximum run timer (MRT)