EVO WXL Verizon, Multi-Tenant A/C, Surface Mount

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Dealer Features: Pre-configured system, End-to-end support, Cellular carrier and signal strength verification, Enables installers to test all features, Easy activation, Multiple locations/Cellgate devices can be managed via a single login to the TrueCloud™ web portal, Tenant/Resident Features: Receive live streaming video of their visitors at the gate, Grant visitors access from their smart phone, Better tenant security due to voice or video verification of visitors, Each tenant can establish up to 6 app contacts & 3 voice only numbers to receive visitor entry requests, Property Management Features: Dedicated CellGate team for multi-tenant setup assistance, Multiple user tier levels for varied user and administration management needs, Programmatic tenant enrollment process and import tools, Ability to ignore facility codes on uploads, Multiple locations can be managed via a single login, Customizable notifications of gate events, Temporary access codes with time/date restrictions, Stored log with photos of all access attempts, Designated user(s) can control gate, other property entry points & camera(s) from app