Rofu Maglocks

Rofu Maglocks

Electromagnetic locks have become the preferred door release mechanism for many end users and installers. The magnetic locks have no moving parts, making them maintenance free. They are not affected by back pressure (or backload) in the event of a real emergency.They are Fail Safe – the door is open when the power is disconnected . Power can be disconnected intentionally or automatically by the buildings fire panel, a smoke alarm or any other type of alarm.

The magnetic locks are available in a variety of sizes and have several optional features to enhance their operation. The size of the magnet is indicative of its holding force. In the ROFU line are magnets with holding forces from 275 to 2900 pounds (125 to 1350 Kg). Optional features include Door Status Sensor, Delayed re-locking, Delayed Egress or Anti-Tamper sensor. Please see the following pages for more detail.The locks can be used in most any application – from basic access control to high security. They operate when electric current is applied to them and stop working when the power is turned off. As a result, any type of access control system that can open or close a relay , can interface with a magnetic lock.

8000 Magnet for Sliding Door
8003 Micro Magnet
8005 Mini Magnet
8011 Standard Magnet
8011-LC Low Cost Magnet
8022 Magnet for Double Door


Mini Magnet
8122 Two Point Locking Magnet
8031 Shear Lock
8040 Gate Lock


Filler Plates
Angle Bracket
Adjustable Angle Bracket
Z-Bracket for In-swinging doors
Armature Plate Bracket
Armature Plate Bracket for glass door
Armature Plate Housing for glass door
Armature Plate Housing