Fire/Police/EMS/911 responders, open gates with Siren’s “yelp” in 2.5 seconds (all sirens in 4.5), hands free…. No codes to remember or keys to lose. A reminder decal on gate tells responder to hold siren on for swift entry. Mandate that your gated communities be uniformly 911 “respondable”. Thousands now in use! Compatible with all gate operators. Protects property, loved ones. Pass the good word. Homeowners who are gone when the fire breaks out will be glad you did.

The SOS II now has it all in a single small package. Yelp (decible time), Fast – or Slow to Trigger, Release or Latch Relay, Momentary or 15 Minute Relay. SOS-II is proximity adjustable, and has switchable safety options built into the circuit board. SOS sensors are designed for non-directional use at gated compounds. Audio range: the to on hundred feet (dial adjustable). Thses units are mounted an all weather enclosure (3x6x2 inches). Full instructions are sent with the SOS, including an all weather “Fire, EMS, Police, 911, hold sirens, YELP for SOS entry” decal to place at the controlled site. A demo “yelp” tape is also sent with all orders.

Basic Concept
The Siren-Operated Sensor (SOS) is designed to respond swiftly to the “YELP” mode of all standard sirens. A reminder decal is provided to be placed on each entry gate. Responders already own their siren. This device represents Public Safety without spending Public Funds. The SOS is the nation’s most widely used Uniform Emergency Gate Access.Installation and Testing
Since all gate operators use low voltage for their electronic controls, this source can easily be used to power the mini requirements of the SOS. A demonstration “Yelp” audio tape is provided, along with instructions, with each SOS sold.

Technical Specifications
The Frequency response of the Siren-Operated Sensor is from 200Hz to 10KHz. The SOS relies on a time-varying frequency input in this range. This, plus proprietary techniques, allows the microprocessor to respond to the siren’s “YELP” with a dry relay closure in 2.5 seconds.

• The SOS uses an onmidirectional microphone. Alignment is not necessary.
•SOS Range is adjustable – 5 to 50 feet or more. A potentiometer located on the PC board allows this
•The SOS is not affected by ambient light.
•The surface-mount PC board is installed in a 3″x5″x2″ rain-tight enclosure.
•Weight is approximately 7 oz.
•The power requirements are 9 to 30 Volts AC/DC with approximately a 2 mA draw.
•Momentary relay activation, or switchable to a 15-minute hold, or to a latch.

The SOS has a five-year warranty when installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.