UHF Visor Tag for Use with LR-2000 and LR-3000 Readers

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AWID’s VT-UHF-0-0 hands-free sun-visor tag is a special tag with a single application. The tag is supplied with a plastic U-clip that slips over the edge of a sun visor. Either the driver’s-side or passenger’s-side visor may be used, depending on which side of the travel lane the reader is installed. The VT-UHF tag works well with the reader mounted above the travel lane for approaching vehicles, and best performance comes when the reader is above the path of the sunvisor on which the tag is clipped . This puts the reader somewhat to the left of the lane’s centerline if the tag is on the driver’s sun visor. This suggestion is based upon the guideline for having the reader and the tags (both of which are somewhat directional) on the same axis, faci ng each other directly, when they are at the planned reading distance apart.