Windows 7 Blackjack P-Rack 36TB

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Blackjack P-RACK NVRs powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS can record and manage up to 128 2.1MP 1080p IP cameras at up to 30fps.with up to 600 Mbps throughput.Hardware options include RAID 5 hard drive configuration, Intel i7 processor and 16GB Memory.Standard features include Windows 7 64 Bit, scheduled auto reboot for hardware performance.and cross platform connectivity for Windows and Mac client software, allowing you to monitor and connect to your system from virtually anywhere.2X NIC cards, DVI and true HD output.DW Spectrum IPVMS, offering you great features such as Automatic Camera Detection, Fully Customizable Layouts, Easy Drag and Drop Camera Management and Recording. E-Mapping, Advanced Motion Masking and Sensitivity Settings.Blackjack P-RACK NVRs are ONVIF conformant.can be configured with 6-36TB HDD for true enterprise scalability.