Security Trends 2020 -- What to Keep Your Eye On

At Southwest Automated Security, we have a few security trends in 2020 we believe you need to keep your eye on. With less than half of the year to go, we want our current and future dealers to have the information and knowledge to supply their customers with the products they need today. Here are a few security trends in 2020 we believe you should pay attention to:

Access Control Security Trends 2020

The latest access control technology has been centered around the world’s need for a smart COVID-19 response to the commercial security industry. We have noticed these access control trends encompass technology that incorporates temperature checks, face recognition and even mask detection. Learn more about it from one of our trusted vendors, Provision-ISR!

The Growing Need for Asset Security

Quick response from local authorities is one thing, but having the technology to detect and deter crime intelligently is something entirely different. We’ve seen a rapid movement towards CCTV and artificial intelligence monitoring systems for security trends in 2020. With AI, you no longer need to have a person monitoring every second of a live video. Click here to read more.

Using the Intelligence of CCTV and Access Control

When it comes to security detection technology trends, one of the fastest-growing segments is the integration of CCTV and access control in the same AI system. AI technology quickly identifies individuals, buildings or assets that are at high risk in real-time. With live video feeds, AI can secure buildings with access control and monitor the surrounding with CCTV.

For more information about security trends in 2020, reach out to your local SAS branch! All of our representatives will be happy to answer any of the questions you have about the latest in the security industry. We also pride ourselves on finding our partners customized solutions for their needs. For the latest CCTV, hardware or access control technology, you can always trust Southwest Automated Security.

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