How AI prevents violence and threats featuring Scylla

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With the resurgence of sporting event attendance and kids going back to school since Covid 19, the pressure on event operators and school administration to provide a safe environment has never been greater. And with an increasing number of people in one place, there is also an increased potential for violence or threats. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help ensure that these schools and venues are equipped to meet this challenge by providing real-time situational awareness during a high-impact scenario. AI helps level up situational awareness, automate the response in case of high-impact scenarios and improve operational efficiency.

Schools and stadiums use AI for security

Schools and stadiums can use AI to support security efforts. For example, Scylla is a real-time threat detection system that uses machine learning to identify threats in real time. It’s being used by schools and stadiums across the country to protect students, fans, and the public.

How does AI prevent violence and threats?

When it comes to preventing violence, AI can do much more than just alert law enforcement. In fact, the technology is already being used to help authorities respond faster and more efficiently. The key is using data analysis that can identify potential threats before they happen—and even prevent them from escalating at all. This approach has the potential to save lives by giving law enforcement officers an early warning system for dangerous situations like mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and sexual assaults (to name only a few). By bringing together multiple streams of information, including video surveillance feeds, technologies like Scylla are able to identify patterns in people’s behavior that indicate when they might be dangerous or threatening witnesses/victims in court cases where there’s no physical evidence left behind but plenty of testimony.

How does AI detect a shooter?

The first thing that AI can do to detect a shooter is using video feed. If you have cameras in your venue, AI will be able to see what is going on and determine who may be a threat based on their behavior. For example, if someone is carrying a gun or knife and starts moving toward others, then AI can alert you of this. Scylla’s gun detection system not only detects a wide variety of weapons once they are visible in the video stream but also keeps track of those who were spotted carrying them, in real time. Scylla weapon detection system can also be successfully used for high angle attack detection.

The second way that AI detects shooters is through audio analysis of an event such as gunfire or shouting from multiple people at once (which could indicate a mass shooting). By analyzing audio signals from different areas of the venue such as bathrooms or hallways, it’ll be able to tell which areas need extra security coverage during certain times because those places might not have enough cameras installed yet but still provide valuable information about what’s going on thanks to sound waves being picked up by microphones placed throughout these locations.

How does AI aid in the response to a threat?

AI can aid the response to threats in a number of ways, including by identifying anomalies in security footage and recommending the best response to a threat. AI’s ability to identify anomalies in security footage means that it can help prevent attacks before they happen. The software is able to identify abnormalities in behavior, such as people entering areas they shouldn’t be in or carrying items that are not allowed on site. AI also has the ability to predict where an attack might take place based on trends and historical data collection. In addition, an AI system can recommend responses to threats based on its analysis of previous situations in which people were hurt or property was damaged. The system will use this information as well as reported threats from other users with similar profiles when making suggestions about what course of action should be taken next time something like this happens again.

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Applying AI to protect students

One of the biggest threats to school staff is unauthorized individuals entering a school building. AI helps to ensure only authorized students and staff can enter the premises by using facial recognition. In addition, facial recognition can help identity and prevent individuals who are considered a threat from entering the premises and alert authorities of their presence.
AI-powered cameras can also identify suspicious driving behaviors, such as speeding/slowing down or driving by a certain area multiple times. Plus they can be programmed to ensure only pre-approved vehicles can park in certain parking areas. In fact, they can identify vehicles by size, make, model and color, to give authorities as much information as possible when dealing with a potential threat. In addition to outside threats, AI can patrol the problem areas around campus where students may go to start fights, ditch class or engage in other prohibited activities to prevent internal problems before they happen.

Scylla AI’s all-in-one sports venue security suite

Scylla AI is a company that provides security solutions for schools, stadiums and other venues. Their all-in-one sports venue security suite helps level up situational awareness, automate the response in case of high-impact scenarios and improve operational efficiency in four key ways:

  1. Cost-effective AI-powered solution

With hardware requirements 7X lower than competitors, Scylla can further help you bring down the costs of upgrading your security system by seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure. Scylla has powerful integrations with most modern cameras and video management systems.

  1. Increased efficiency of your efforts and save time

Advances in computer vision and machine learning mean that AI-powered video analytics such as the Scylla Sports Venue Security Suite can extend the capabilities of security operators by monitoring the entire camera network in real-time and automatically detecting fights, weapons, vandalism, intrusion into restricted areas, and slips and falls. Scylla solutions can also assist in detecting banned people or finding lost children.

  1. Effectively filter up to 99% of false positives

Scylla False Alarm filtering system can impressively minimize the number of false positives by up to 99%. In real terms, the difference between a system with 90% accuracy and 98% accuracy is a solution that the security team ignores and one that is used and valued for effective operation and situational awareness.

  1. Scylla system self-learns and adapts to each specific environment

Due to the complexity of sports venues and related security challenges, it’s quite complicated to find a system that can be leveraged to effectively operate under such conditions. Scylla AI takes the versatility of the environment into account and adjusts its smart decision-making accordingly.


The idea that AI could be used to prevent violence and threats is a new one. But as you can see, there are many ways that artificial intelligence can be applied in order to protect the public from harm. We have already seen how this technology can help out school districts and stadium owners when it comes time to provide security during events like concerts or football games. Isn’t it time AI systems, such as the one powered by Scylla, be utilized all across the world to help prevent violence and threats of all kinds?

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Keeping your pool safe and secure with AI!

Video analytics is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze video feed data. The system uses algorithms and machine learning to identify objects and track them over time. Video analytics are used in a variety of industries, but here we’re going to focus on how they can be used in the context of pool safety and security.

AI-powered video analytics work with video surveillance.

Video surveillance is the collection of video data and its use for surveillance purposes. Video surveillance can be used to monitor public areas, private property, resources and industrial processes such as factories or oil refineries. It also plays an important role in traffic control and can be used to investigate crimes.

AI-powered video analytics relies on machine learning algorithms that analyze video footage for specific activities such as theft or damage to property, security breaches or suspicious behavior among employees or customers entering an area where access control is restricted (think: bank vaults).

They can identify who is in the frame/area of the camera.

Artificial intelligence is making it possible for pools to be more secure and safe than ever before. AI can recognize people, kids and pets in and around the pool. It can identify who is in the frame/area of the camera. It has an algorithm that detects motion, so it knows if someone is moving or jumping into your pool area. Using cameras and it can alert you via an app if someone is detected jumping in or falling into the water. It can also detect people, kids, and pets around the pool so that you know if they are approaching from all sides of your property.

This technology has many benefits to you as a homeowner:

  • You can get alerts on your phone if anyone falls into your pool
  • You know that a child hasn’t wandered outside alone since they won’t be able to go far without being detected by this technology

PoolScout – The Future of Pool Safety.

In an emergency, every second counts. Every added layer of protection is crucial. The PoolScout System detects and sends alerts in real-time, giving you more time to respond when it really matters. Using vision-based analytics and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the PoolScout Service detects and distinguishes toddlers (up to four years-old) from other people, pets and objects in and around the pool. It constantly improves, learning from previous detections and new use cases. If an event is reported as a false alert, the AI instantly learns from this to improve future detections. When an unsafe scenario is detected, the PoolScout System sends a message to your phone and activates the alarm so that you and your designated emergency contacts are alerted immediately. This helps you to prevent an accident or get in touch with emergency services before a tragedy occurs. The PoolScout app also shows your camera’s LiveStream in real time, giving you constant reassurance that the system is active and working, keeping your pool safe. The PoolScout Service automatically identifies specific unsafe scenarios and raises only relevant alerts to enhance pool safety. For example, PoolScout will determine if a toddler is unattended if detected in the pool area with no adult in sight. All of these unique capabilities are designed for pool owners to provide maximum peace of mind every single day.

For the safety of our children, SAS is proud to be a stocking distributor of PoolScout products in ALL Southwest Automated Security locations throughout the United States!

PoolScout app


We expect that these new technologies will help to make our lives safer and more secure, and we are happy to be providing cutting edge exciting new technology to our dealers. For more information on pool safety regulations, or PoolScout and how their advanced AI technology can be implemented, contact your local SAS branch today!

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