Product Spotlight: Doorking 6006 Swing Gate Actuator

Here at Southwest Automated Security, our goal is to bring you the highest quality products to protect what is important to you. This month we want to showcase a product that we know is a tried and true from a company that has stood the test of time. Doorking has been in the business since 1943 and is trusted to secure doors and gates across the county. The product that Doorking has created and the product that we would like to introduce you to is the 6006 Swing Gate Actuator. The 6006 Swing Gate Actuator is easy to install, powerful, and reliable solution to managing your access control solutions.

Convenience and design

There is no need to worry about installing this device, it is designed to be easy. There is no need to add concrete pads to your gate, the 6006 Swing Gate Actuator mounts directly to the gate and gate post. Not only is there no need to worry about installing the 6006 Swing Gate Actuator, but there is also no need to worry about this machine looking out of place. The design is sleek and simple and will blend in with any design. It is also made to be compact, so it doesn’t take up excessive space. This gate actuator’s ability to adapt and blend into its environment makes it a superior product.


Precise and powerful is another way to describe the 6006. To open 90 degrees, it takes about 18-20 seconds and there are built-in limit switches that adjust the start and stop speed to your liking. No matter the situation and no matter the gate, the 6006 will adjust to your needs. Its power comes from a 20-volt DC motor and in case that gets lost, there is a backup battery that will provide uninterrupted operation. Its motor is fully enclosed to protect it from the outside element and indoor accidents.

The 6006 Swing Gate Actuator by Doorking is a reliable product with much thought put into its design. From its high-quality design to its reliability, the 6006 Swing Gate Actuator can handle any challenge. Contact the nearest Southwest Automated Security branch to get yours today!

Gate Operators that will Get the Job Done

Gate Operators that will Get the Job Done

If you’re in the market for gate operators, you’ve come to the right place. Part of our commitment to our Southwest Automated Secuirty trusted dealers is to make sure they stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the wholesale electronics security industry. Here are some of our favorite gate operators that you should know about:


The Gate Mounted Slide Gate Operator from Doorking

Looking for simple installation that doesn’t require concrete mounting pads? The Doorking 6006 swing gate actuator is not only easy to install but also provides you with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution. One of the best aspects of this product is that it has a screw-driven action that is powered by a 24 volt DC motor which eliminates the concern of hydraulic leaks. Also, everything is powered by a microprocessor control board with built-in no contact magnetic limit switches that will give your customers precise control of the start and stop speed of the actuator. For more information about this product, reach out to your local SAS branch today.


The Powerful Commercial Gate Operator SlideDriver from HySecurity

Sometimes you’ll have a customer who needs a gate operator for a sensitive perimeter. HySecurity has one of the best durable, powerful, tough and smart solutions that you should look into. The HySecruity SlideDriver can move gates that weigh up to 20,000 lbs with a secure steel chassis and tamper resistant cover. Not only is it tough and durable, but it also comes with a Smart Touch Controller that allows you to configure any gate with 70+ field adjustment settings. Plus, this slide gate operator is reliable because it’s been proven to last decades with low maintenance. If you haven’t added the SlideDriver to your inventory list, you should look into it today.


Top-of-the-Line Commercial Gate Operators from Maximum Controls

Maxium Controls has two heavy duty commercial operators that you should look into. The Max Megatron 1400 Pro and the Max Megatron 1400 HP provides customers with a fast speed direct drive that opens gates from 11.5 to 18 seconds (depending on the weight) without the need for a chain, belt or pulley. And in case there’s a power failure, it also comes with a AGM 7 amp back up battery which allows for over 400 cycles without a direct connection to a power source. These gate operators are compatible with existing installations and, in most cases, can be directly bolted onto concrete pads. To find out more about the Max Megatron 1400 Pro and HP, and which one of these products fits your needs, contact us today to find the perfect solution. 


With the plethora of options available, we’re positive we’ll help you find the perfect operator to fit your customer’s needs. We have a wide range of slide gate and swing gate operators for every situation imaginable. Want to learn more about the operators listed above or are you looking for more information about the advantages of becoming a SAS trusted partner? Contact our team today and we’ll help you with anything you need. 

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Frightfully Good Access Control and Modular Crimper October Promotions

Frightfully Good Access Control and Modular Crimper October Promotions

It’s time to announce our October promotion for our trusted partners. During October, we’re excited to help you save on access control and modular crimper products. Save big on select UNV, TRINE and Klein Tools products from Southwest Automated Security. And if you need gate operators, hardware and barrier gates, you’re in the right place! Here is a sneak peek at our October monthly promotions:

Scary Good Access Control and Klein Tools Deals

From now until October 31st, you can save 10% on your purchase of a UNV access control terminal and any TRINE electric strike product. We’ll even throw in a free 1000’ box of CAT5E that perfectly matches our Klein Tools deal. When you purchase a Scout Pro 3 LT Tester, we’ll throw in a free Pass-Thru Modular Crimper that lasts up to 2,000+ cuts. Don’t miss out on these deals and contact your local SAS branch today.

Gate Operators that Have Monster Strength 

From Viking Access Systems, we are highlighting their E-4 residential swing gate operators. These gate operators can hold up to 800lbs, operate in extreme temperature conditions and come with a two-year residential warranty. If you need gate hardware, Comunello is one of the best companies because of its wide range of solutions and use of quality materials. For components for sliding, cantilever and swing gates, contact your local SAS dealer today.

 Gate Barriers to Keep the Tricks Out

We’re excited to announce a new edition of automatic gate barriers from FAAC. The two new additions are the B614 and B680. Perfect for residential or commercial operations, you can’t go wrong with either one of these barrier gates. If you’re looking for tough access control gate hardware, Lockey USA has an industry-leading Edge Panic Shield Kit, which comes with pre-drilled holes for any hardware.

From access control to gate hardware, October is the month to beef up your security products. Don’t miss out on any of our deals for the UNV terminal, TRINE strike products and Klein Tools product promotions. If you want to learn more about the products listed above, we want to hear from you. Not a trusted SAS dealer? Learn about the benefits of being one of our trusted partners and contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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Act Now for the Last Access Control Summer Sale

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Great deals don’t come around very often. Luckily for you, we have deals on select access control systems from Southwest Automated Security that are too good to pass up during August! Along with high-quality access control systems from Linear Pro Access, we also have gate operator systems and hardware we know you’ll love. Here are some of our August highlights:

Summer Savings on Select Access Control Systems

If you don’t know about Linear Pro Access, we want to make sure you love them as much as we do! With 42 years of experience and one of the greatest teams of RF engineers in the industry, you have the opportunity to save on their Model 232R, Model 232SE, Model 232I and Model 232W. All you need to do is reach out to your nearest SAS dealer, and we’ll do the rest!

Locinox Gate Closure Hardware for Every Situation

Having unparalleled access control is one thing, but selling the complete system with gate hardware is entirely different. Whether you’re looking for ADA compliant gate hinges that can support 165 lbs or 330 lbs gates, we’ll be able to supply you with the right Locinox hinge. Backed by a 3-year warranty, let us help you provide customers with everything they need.

Stopping the Competition with Hy Security Gates

Calling Hy Security gate operator crash gates “strong” is an understatement. These high-performing crash gates are guaranteed to give your clients the security they need and the quality they deserve. Through our team, we can supply you with Hy Security strongarm, hydrawedge and bollard gate operators when and wherever you need them.

This August, you can become the one-stop-shop for access control, gate operators and gate hardware that will keep all of your customers safe and happy. Everyone at Southwest Automated Security is ready to give you the customer service and the training you need to become a legendary security dealer. Reach out to us today to find out more about our offerings.

The Benefits of Being a Southwest Automated Security Dealer

Installing cctv camera

Finding the right security equipment provider may seem like a tough choice. When dealers are looking to partner with a company who has their best interest at heart to find a wide range of security vendors, they partner with Southwest Automated Security. Here are the benefits and reasons why you should partner with Southwest Automated Security and become a trusted dealer:

Trusted Southwest Automated Security Customer Service

We want to help you get your job done right every time. In the fast-paced security technology industry, we know that finding the exact solution to fit your customers’ needs is the most critical priority. Our team has the industry expertise and experience to suggest equipment, services and solutions for every situation.

We Are the One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Security Needs

We are continually trying to find new vendors to give our dealers a competitive edge in their industry. We are always ahead of the curve with a wide range of equipment; including CCTV, access control, gate operators and much more. Partnering with Southwest Automated Security means you can diversify and grow your business with cutting edge technology.

Helping You Serve Your Customers with Continued Education

We know that our industry is continuously innovating and technology is constantly changing. Our team is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest security technologies and advances through education courses to help you continue to grow your business. Our goal is to help you become the security dealer of your dreams!

We partner with a wide range of people and companies, including 30-year professionals and brand-new companies. No matter what size your company is, we’re here to support you and help your business thrive. Ready to become a trusted Southwest Automated Security dealer? Contact the SAS team today and find out how we can help your security business today!

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