Introducing the Revolutionary Nimbio Gate Entry System

Introducing the Revolutionary Nimbio Gate Entry System

Have you heard about the new cutting-edge gate entry system from Nimbio? At Southwest Automated Security, we’re excited to partner with Nimbio to help all of our trusted partners get access to the latest in smart gate technology. There are so many great applications for the Nimbio gate entry system, and we want to give you all of the details. Here is why you should look into adding Nimbio to your product offering:


Turing Electronic Gates into Smart Gate with Nimbio Gate Entry System

Managing access control for any gate operator can be a pain. From property managers to HOAs, managing gate access isn’t always as simple as clicking a button or turning off a switch– until Nimbio’s introduction to the market. Right now, your customers can control their electronic gates from the comfort of their smartphones from the Nimbio app. Nimbio allows admins to open gates, give access permissions and revoke access permissions without worrying about gate codes. 


 Creating a New Standard for HOAs, Apartments and Residential Security

One of the best aspects of Nimbio is that it seamlessly integrates with current installations. Your clients won’t have to ditch their call boxes, clickers or fobs because Nimbio is an add-on service that continues to function after installation. Clients can create, share and manage an unlimited number of keys with anyone through SMS, email or any other preferred method. Additionally, Nimbio’s servers have a constant secure connection to the gate, allowing Nimbio to verify resident keys using state-of-the-art Elliptic-Curve encryption. And, the cherry on top, your clients won’t have to worry about costly hardware upgrades because all of the newest features are pushed to the cloud server, so everything will always stay up-to-date.


Revolutionary Gate Entry Access and Simple Installation

Not only is Nimbio easy to use, but it’s also simple for installers. You won’t have to worry about having a WiFi connection because each Nimbio box comes with a 5g Mobile Broadband (Cellular/LTE) modem. Since cellular internet is preinstalled, all you have to connect is power and a door strike. Your clients will love all of the Nimbio features and its ability to work with nearly all automated electronic gates. Not only is it simple to install, but it’s almost a no-brainer solution for your clients. 


Ready to get the job done with Nimbio? Our team is here to help answer any questions you have about all of the Nimbio features and applications. And if you aren’t a Southwest Automated Security trusted partner, you can learn more about how to become one and what to expect from us by clicking here. Contact us today to get started with Nimbio. 


Photo Sourced from Nimbio