The Final Wholesale Electronic Security Deals of 2020

It’s time for the final wholesale electronic security deal of 2020 from Southwest Automated Security. You won’t want to miss out on our fire sale from Provision-ISR and our vehicle detection products. Here are a few highlights from our trusted partner deals that you should be a part of in December:

Wholesale Electronic Security Fire Sale

Our fire sale from Provision-ISR is almost coming to a close. We want to make sure that all of our partners are able to find the CCTV products they need for a discounted price. From now until December 31st, you can save big on 2MP 4-In-1 Analog cameras, hidden cameras, true WDR cameras and so much more. View all of our deals by clicking here

Comprehensive Transcore Tolling Solutions

Transcore is one of the nation’s leading companies for transponders and readers. Their technology has been a staple for tolling agencies because they provide multi-protocol transponders that integrate with existing toll infrastructures. Built alongside existing business rules and standards, we feel confident that Transcore is an excellent solution for almost any situation. Click here to learn more about Transcore tolling solutions. 

Custom Vehicle RFID Tags and Readers

Infinity RFID knows that every situation calls for unique solutions. That’s why their RFID tags and readers are built with the installer and user in mind. Their designs and technology make installations easy, while their access control solutions provide customers with the level of security they need. To find out more about Infinity RFID, click here

Reliable Outdoor Vehicle Identification Solutions

BAi has one of the most reliable outdoor vehicle identification solutions. Their BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader uses a laser-based vehicle identification system that can be installed along roads leading up to gates or barrier arms. The DuealBean technology also provides customers with 100% accuracy in even the most extreme environments. Click here to learn more about BAi. 

With these wholesale electronic security deals, we know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for before the end of the year. Our team is here to help you find the perfect security solution that meets your customers’ needs today. Contact us to learn more about our December wholesale electronic security deals or to help you find a solution for something else. 

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The Access Control and CCTV Deals You Won’t Want to Miss from SAS

During November, our team is excited to provide our partners with exclusive deals and promotions. From access control products to CCTV, we have a full-line of products from different vendors that everyone will want to have. Here is how our team at Southwest Automated Security is showing our thanks to our trusted partners this month:

CCTV Fire-Sale from Provision-ISR

From now until the end of the year, we’re running specials on select CCTV products from Provision-ISR. You can find deals on some of the most advanced cameras in the security industry. We have discounts on 2MP 4-in-1 analog cameras, hidden cameras, true WDR cameras and so much more. Check out our full offer listing by clicking here.

SAS Plug & Play Surveillance Cabinet

At SAS, we have an exclusive product offering for an outdoor surveillance kit. Our cabinet is designed to easily be installed anywhere you can get 120VAC. Some of this kit’s key features are a dual thermostat-controlled cooling fan, a thermostat controlled heating system, and local WiFi and it supports up to 16 channel DVR/NVR. Read more about it by clicking here

Automatic Gate Vehicle Sensors

OPTEX is one of the leading providers in vehicle sensors for automatic gates, and we’re excited to be a key supplier of their products. We have expertly designed vehicle sensors that are designed to reliably detect cars, count vehicles and are built with versatile active infrared detector systems. For more information about OPTEX, click here.

Access Control for Every Situation

For high-quality access control products, one vendor we always suggest is HID. HID provides our customers with card, keypad and biometric access control products.  From touch to swipe, HID can handle any situation by seamlessly integrating with multiple access control platforms. Click here to learn more about HID. 

Commercial and Residential Gate Operators

One of the best options in the industry is Rotary Gate Systems for reliable and durable gate operators. Their gate operators are built to support gates anywhere between 1500lbs to 2500lbs and they are made with the robust APEX control board. For more information about Rotary Gate Systems, click here to learn more. 

November and December will be filled with product offerings you won’t want to miss! We’re excited to help you find all of the security products you need to provide unparalleled value to your customers. Contact our team today to learn more about our November promotion, or ask us how you can become a trusted Southwest Automated partner. 

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Access Control Systems that Keep Your Workplace Safe & Healthy

Access Control Systems That Keep Your Workplace Safe & Healthy

Today, access control systems continue to adapt to the pandemic’s continuously changing and challenging environment. As businesses start to reopen, kids begin to go back to school and people begin to travel again, there is a growing need for comprehensive temperature screening systems that are cost-effective and efficient. With Southwest Automated Security, you can find access control systems that will keep workplaces and public areas safe.

The Need for Temperature Detection Access Control Systems 

Recently, CBS News reported that nearly half of American professionals are afraid to return to the office due to growing concerns about COVID-19. And, while millions of students return to the classroom, many people are concerned about infections increasing over the school year. Offices, schools, airports and businesses need accurate and efficient screening procedures that will keep people safe and at ease while returning to their normal daily routine.

Provision-ISR’s Revolutionary Easy-Check Access Control System

Provision-ISR will give your clients the workplace safety they need. Their Easy-Check access control system comes with temperature detection, mask detection and facial recognition all in one system. It allows access to specified areas by accurately detecting body temperature, checking for a mask and recognizing facial characteristics that are not covered by a mask. This system easily integrates with Ossia CMS v1.2.1.

The Unmatched Uniview Temperature Screening One-Stop-Shop

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive selection of temperature screening and access control integrated products, Uniview has you covered.  Their product selection is perfect for groups, individuals and access control integration with non-contact temperature screening. Uniview has everything for every situation and any budget, from thermal screening to thermopile screening and access control systems.

If you haven’t looked into temperature detection, facial recognition technology and access control systems, there’s no better time than right now. The team at Southwest Automated Security is here to ensure you stay on top of the security trends in 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re interested in Provision-ISR or Uniview solutions, we want to hear from you today. Contact us and let us know which access control system you’re interested in.

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Your Source for Customized Access Control and CCTV Camera Solutions

Custom CCTV camera solutions for electronic security dealers

For every customer, comes different solutions. At Southwest Automated Security, we work with our partners to find customized access control and CCTV camera solutions that fit their client’s needs. When you are looking for the perfect solution, we have a wide variety of the best access control and CCTV cameras. Here are some of the CCTV camera, access control and hardware solutions you should consider:

Provision-ISR CCTV Camera Solutions

Provision-ISR is the one-stop-shop for high-quality CCTV products and competitive pricing. When it comes to finding a CCTV camera set to offer to your customers, you can’t go wrong with the Provision-ISR 8 channel IP kit. With an 8CH 5MP NVR, you can get 2MP h.265 IP fixed lens dome cameras for clear day and night vision. Ask us for more details about our CCTV camera solutions!

SAS Customized Access Control

Finding affordable options for your clients while giving them the best tools to secure their buildings is a top priority for any electronic security dealer. Our team has the experience to find a customized solution that fits exactly what your customer needs. Access control systems have to protect your customers without compromise, and we’re here to help you make that possible.

The Best Perimeter Control Hardware

Some of the top vendors at SAS for pedestrian access control are Alvarado, Boon Edam and Controlled Access. Whether you’re looking to supply banks, stadiums or manufacturers, we have the turnstiles and full height gates to help you provide your clients with the right solution. If you’re uncertain about which product you need, we’ll point you in the right direction.

From high-quality CCTV camera solutions to durable access control, Southwest Automated Security is a one-stop-shop for all of your electronic security needs. We have a knowledgeable team that has worked for years in the industry, supplying our partners with custom solutions. Contact us today to find custom security products for what you need today!

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CCTV Cameras that Every Customer Needs to Know About

CCTV Cameras That Every Customer Needs to Know About

As a CCTV installer, you want to have the best selection of CCTV cameras available to serve your customers. That’s why a countless number of dealers have turned to us for the industry expertise and wide range of CCTV products we offer.  At Southwest Automated Security, we have put together a list of CCTV cameras that every installer needs to know about.

Why People Trust Provision ISR

Provision ISR, an Israeli owned company, has created a one-stop-shop for all of your CCTV needs with the latest technology.  If you’re looking for a dark-sight IP camera, you have to check out Provision ISR’s DAI-251IP5VF. It’s vandal-proof, has 3D noise reduction and comes with motion detection, privacy masking and much more!

The UNV Cameras You Need

And last but not least, UNV is the leader and pioneer of IP video surveillance. They have the 4th largest global market share in video surveillance. Uniview also has state-of-the-art Pro Series IP cameras built-in with Smart IR, NVR, encoder, decoder, storage and client software. Their products can serve commercial, residential and metropolitan security needs.

Digital Watchdog CCTV Cameras

Digital Watchdog, or DW, is an industry leader of digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software. Their complete security solutions give you the ability to view footage from your phone, desktop, DW Cloud and Apple TV. DW also has some of the best 4K cameras that can display color in near-total darkness settings.

With Southwest Automated Security, you can find these vendors as well as other top-of-the-line CCTV vendors on our website. If you are a dealer interested in CCTV cameras, gate operators, accessories, hardware or access control, we want to hear from you! Want to learn more about CCTV? Contact us today to find out more information about becoming a SAS dealer.

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