Introducing the New SAS eCommerce & Wholesale Security Product Website

Introducing the New SAS eCommerce & Wholesale Security Product Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved eCommerce and wholesale security product website! With this new website, we want to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible for our trusted partners. Even though it has a new look, you can still expect the same level of quality service from the team at Southwest Automated Security. Here are some of the new features and what you can expect from us:

New Website, Still the Same One-Stop-Shop

The new Southwest Automated Security website just went through a substantial facelift. Now you can find out how to become a dealer, sign-up for the next webinar and view all of our partner promos all in the same place. We’re making it easy for everyone to get the level of service they need and simple for our partners to find the best deals of the month. One of the greatest improvements to the site is what we did for our partners– we added eCommerce.

Buying Wholesale Security Products Just Got Easier

With our eCommerce dealer portal, you can view and order over 3,000 products. That’s right, we took our massive vendor and product list and made it easy for anyone to shop through. You can view products by category, vendor or you can give us a call and ask one of our security experts which solution best fits your needs. From dialing the phone to clicking the mouse, now our partners have more control than ever before over their purchasing experience.

The Same Quality Service You’ve Grown to Love

As part of our commitment to our partners and vendors to build a proactive, customer service-focused team, our new website launch allows our team to better serve everyone in contact with SAS. We’re still here to be the industry experts in electronic security, provide our partners with wholesale security product training and tailored solutions and help everyone succeed in the electronic security industry.

The Southwest Automated Security experience just got a whole lot better. We’re excited to see what we can do for you with our new website, and we can’t wait to find custom solutions for all of your wholesale security needs. Want to learn more about our business? Contact us today to get connected with a wholesale security expert.

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Thinking about Becoming a Southwest Automated Security Partner? Here’s What to Expect

A true partnership allows all parties to create a holistic business environment where each partner couldn’t achieve their success without the other party. Many of the world’s most successful businesses were founded by two parties coming together, and that’s exactly what we aim to help you achieve when you become a Southwest Automated Security partner. Here is what it means to be a SAS partner and what you can expect from our team:


What It Means to Be a Southwest Automated Security Partner

Among many attributes, the right business partner should share your core values and be someone that you can genuinely trust and enjoy working with. As stated in our company mission statement, we’re dedicated to supporting our partners with a proactive customer-service focused approach. A partnership with our company goes beyond having access to wholesale security equipment. We provide our partners with ongoing education, product training and the necessary expertise to help them get their job done right. 


Why SAS Partners Work Alongside Us

Creating a proactive, customer service focused team isn’t as easy as turning on a light switch. In order to better serve our partners, we have not only become experts in our industry, but we also have to constantly push the envelope for product improvements and innovations. Our team has had success with our Southwest Automated Security partners because we provide them with the necessary tools, training, products and services that help you become the best-in-class in your industry. And along the way, we’re continually reinvesting in our team to help us build stronger relationships with our current and future partners. 


What to Expect from a Southwest Automated Security Partnership

Having access to the one-stop-shop for wholesale electronic security products and services is just the beginning. Our trusted partners also get exclusive access to monthly promotions and personalized solutions for their unique needs. We also provide our partners with ongoing security webinars to help them learn from industry experts in order to help them grow their business. A partnership with our team goes beyond a product page. We’re dedicated to making sure our partners succeed and obtain the trust and respect that comes with a true business partnership.


Still, thinking about becoming one of our trusted partners? We’re always available to discuss partnership benefits and walk you through the requirements to become a Southwest Automated Security partner. Contact us today to learn more about what it means to join the Southwest Automated family. We can’t wait to hear from you soon! 

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The Access Control and CCTV Deals You Won’t Want to Miss from SAS

During November, our team is excited to provide our partners with exclusive deals and promotions. From access control products to CCTV, we have a full-line of products from different vendors that everyone will want to have. Here is how our team at Southwest Automated Security is showing our thanks to our trusted partners this month:

CCTV Fire-Sale from Provision-ISR

From now until the end of the year, we’re running specials on select CCTV products from Provision-ISR. You can find deals on some of the most advanced cameras in the security industry. We have discounts on 2MP 4-in-1 analog cameras, hidden cameras, true WDR cameras and so much more. Check out our full offer listing by clicking here.

SAS Plug & Play Surveillance Cabinet

At SAS, we have an exclusive product offering for an outdoor surveillance kit. Our cabinet is designed to easily be installed anywhere you can get 120VAC. Some of this kit’s key features are a dual thermostat-controlled cooling fan, a thermostat controlled heating system, and local WiFi and it supports up to 16 channel DVR/NVR. Read more about it by clicking here

Automatic Gate Vehicle Sensors

OPTEX is one of the leading providers in vehicle sensors for automatic gates, and we’re excited to be a key supplier of their products. We have expertly designed vehicle sensors that are designed to reliably detect cars, count vehicles and are built with versatile active infrared detector systems. For more information about OPTEX, click here.

Access Control for Every Situation

For high-quality access control products, one vendor we always suggest is HID. HID provides our customers with card, keypad and biometric access control products.  From touch to swipe, HID can handle any situation by seamlessly integrating with multiple access control platforms. Click here to learn more about HID. 

Commercial and Residential Gate Operators

One of the best options in the industry is Rotary Gate Systems for reliable and durable gate operators. Their gate operators are built to support gates anywhere between 1500lbs to 2500lbs and they are made with the robust APEX control board. For more information about Rotary Gate Systems, click here to learn more. 

November and December will be filled with product offerings you won’t want to miss! We’re excited to help you find all of the security products you need to provide unparalleled value to your customers. Contact our team today to learn more about our November promotion, or ask us how you can become a trusted Southwest Automated partner. 

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How to Start a Security Installation Business

How to Start a Security Installation Business

Starting your own security installation business comes with a lot of perks, but it won’t be as simple as opening up your shop. There is a lot of planning, preparation and analysis involved with starting your own business. Luckily for you, the team at Southwest Automated Security is here to help you become one of the most sought after security installers in your area. Here is how we suggest starting your security business:

Common Problems with Small Businesses

Whether you’re focusing on selling CCTV security systems or you want to be a commercial security installation specialist, you have to keep in mind that nearly 70% of small businesses fail within their first ten years. We have found that the most common issues with small businesses are that they fall short in finding a high demand location, have poor management and experience problems with cash flow.

Before you open up your doors, make sure your community has a demand for the products you want to offer. This will require doing some research, as well as calling local businesses and asking them about their security preferences. Management requires a self-evaluation of your skillset. Things to ask yourself would be, “Have I managed a team before?”, “How did I face the challenges with my team?” and “What was my management result?”

Lastly, but most importantly, you have to have a stable cash flow for your business. One-third of companies fail because their costs become more significant than their revenue. In order to combat these issues, you need to find a way to minimize the time between purchasing inventory, installing equipment and getting paid for the project. This requires a lot of thorough planning, along with keeping clear and transparent communication with your team and customers.

Obtaining a License and Registering

After you’ve found a need in your community for security installation and you’ve developed a plan to manage your team while maintaining a healthy cash flow effectively, your next step is to obtain the correct licensing for your industry. From access control security systems to swing gate operator installations, you will need to have the right licensing and paperwork in order to operate within your state and under the federal government. You can view license requirements here.

Registering the name of your business, along with obtaining insurance, would come next. When you register your business, you establish a formal business name, create a business structure and obtain a federal tax identification number. To find out more about establishing and registering your company name, click here. If you need to find more information about a  business structure, click here.

Insurance is one of the most important pieces when you start your business. You want to be covered at all times for any situation that might affect your company’s health. Insurance will help you protect your team from injuries, unforeseen damages to the client’s assets and any other mishaps. For more information, check the laws and requirements in your area regarding insurance for security installation companies.

Security Installation and Distribution Partners

Now that you have everything from cash flow to licensing figured out, all that’s left to answer is how to set up a security company. Security system vendors will likely work with distributors to sell their products. It’s improbable that manufacturers will sell products directly from their website, so you will need to find a licensed distributor to help you find the right products for your business.

At Southwest Automated Security, we have been a trusted security installation distributor throughout the United States. We work with our dealers to find the perfect electronic security solutions for their business model. On top of that, we have exclusive deals and discounts for all of our electronic security dealers every month! Find out more information about becoming a trusted Southwest Automated Security dealer and the benefits of partnering with us.

Creating a security installation business is a lot of work, but partnering with us can make your life a lot easier. We pride ourselves on having a creative, proactive and customer service focused team. The SAS team is eager to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about starting your own business or finding a trusted electronic security distributor. Contact our team today to find out more information about what we can offer you.

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Access Control Systems that Keep Your Workplace Safe & Healthy

Access Control Systems That Keep Your Workplace Safe & Healthy

Today, access control systems continue to adapt to the pandemic’s continuously changing and challenging environment. As businesses start to reopen, kids begin to go back to school and people begin to travel again, there is a growing need for comprehensive temperature screening systems that are cost-effective and efficient. With Southwest Automated Security, you can find access control systems that will keep workplaces and public areas safe.

The Need for Temperature Detection Access Control Systems 

Recently, CBS News reported that nearly half of American professionals are afraid to return to the office due to growing concerns about COVID-19. And, while millions of students return to the classroom, many people are concerned about infections increasing over the school year. Offices, schools, airports and businesses need accurate and efficient screening procedures that will keep people safe and at ease while returning to their normal daily routine.

Provision-ISR’s Revolutionary Easy-Check Access Control System

Provision-ISR will give your clients the workplace safety they need. Their Easy-Check access control system comes with temperature detection, mask detection and facial recognition all in one system. It allows access to specified areas by accurately detecting body temperature, checking for a mask and recognizing facial characteristics that are not covered by a mask. This system easily integrates with Ossia CMS v1.2.1.

The Unmatched Uniview Temperature Screening One-Stop-Shop

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive selection of temperature screening and access control integrated products, Uniview has you covered.  Their product selection is perfect for groups, individuals and access control integration with non-contact temperature screening. Uniview has everything for every situation and any budget, from thermal screening to thermopile screening and access control systems.

If you haven’t looked into temperature detection, facial recognition technology and access control systems, there’s no better time than right now. The team at Southwest Automated Security is here to ensure you stay on top of the security trends in 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re interested in Provision-ISR or Uniview solutions, we want to hear from you today. Contact us and let us know which access control system you’re interested in.

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Security Trends 2020 – What to Keep Your Eye On

Security Trends 2020 -- What to Keep Your Eye On

At Southwest Automated Security, we have a few security trends in 2020 we believe you need to keep your eye on. With less than half of the year to go, we want our current and future dealers to have the information and knowledge to supply their customers with the products they need today. Here are a few security trends in 2020 we believe you should pay attention to:

Access Control Security Trends 2020

The latest access control technology has been centered around the world’s need for a smart COVID-19 response to the commercial security industry. We have noticed these access control trends encompass technology that incorporates temperature checks, face recognition and even mask detection. Learn more about it from one of our trusted vendors, Provision-ISR!

The Growing Need for Asset Security

Quick response from local authorities is one thing, but having the technology to detect and deter crime intelligently is something entirely different. We’ve seen a rapid movement towards CCTV and artificial intelligence monitoring systems for security trends in 2020. With AI, you no longer need to have a person monitoring every second of a live video. Click here to read more.

Using the Intelligence of CCTV and Access Control

When it comes to security detection technology trends, one of the fastest-growing segments is the integration of CCTV and access control in the same AI system. AI technology quickly identifies individuals, buildings or assets that are at high risk in real-time. With live video feeds, AI can secure buildings with access control and monitor the surrounding with CCTV.

For more information about security trends in 2020, reach out to your local SAS branch! All of our representatives will be happy to answer any of the questions you have about the latest in the security industry. We also pride ourselves on finding our partners customized solutions for their needs. For the latest CCTV, hardware or access control technology, you can always trust Southwest Automated Security.

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