Check Out Our New Access Control Deals for Our Trusted Partners

Check Out Our New Access Control Deals for Our Trusted Partners

We have a lot in store for you in April! You can find an awesome deal on ASSA Abloy products as well as numerous other solutions that will fit your specific needs through our vendor highlights. At Southwest Automated Security, we’re dedicated to helping our trusted partners get the products they need for a competitive price. Check out our April promos and let us know how we can help you today:

Get 5% Off All ASSA Abloy Products

We’re happy to announce that we’re now offering ASSA Abloy products to all of our partners. ASSA Abloy is a global leader in the access control industry and has solutions for government buildings, hospitals, schools, airports and so much more. Some of their solutions include access control, entrance automation, hotel security, identification management, mechanical and electromechanical locking, mobile access and security doors. Learn more about their products by clicking here.

Cutting-Edge Security Cameras from VOSKER

If you haven’t heard of VOSKER yet, we recommend looking into them today. Their cameras don’t require WiFi or AC power to operate, making them ideal for remote and hard-to-reach locations. VOSKER outdoor cameras are also weather and future proof providing your customers with reliable and scalable solutions for years to come. If you’re looking for a camera that can withstand mother nature, you’ve come to the right place. Their cameras are perfect for farms, marinas, vacation homes, cabins and construction sites. Click here for more information.

Bringing a New Age in Electronic Security with SCYLLA

SCYLLA has some of the most cutting-edge security solutions on the market. Their security systems integrate with existing infrastructure and proactively search for potential threats, anomalies, instructions and provides thermal screenings. Easily integrated with on-premise security servers and high-definition cameras, you can provide your clients with solutions that help with gun detection, thermal screening, perimeter protection and behavior recognition. For more information about SCYLLA, click here.

Getting the Job Done with Platinum Tools

For perfect installations, you need the tools you can rely on. That’s why at Platinum Tools, all of their products go through severe testing and consideration before they come to the market. Every Platinum Tool solution must pass three critical benchmarks: utility of function, quality of function and economic value. So whether you’re looking for an ER RJ45 Crimper or fiber optics, Platinum Tools has you covered. For more information, click here.

With all of these amazing solutions to choose from, we know you have questions. Luckily, our customer service-focused team has all the answers. We’re here to help you find exactly what you need for your unique situation. Contact us today to get ahold of any of these access control, security camera or premium tool solutions. Not a SAS trusted dealer? Click here to get started.

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Introducing the Revolutionary Nimbio Gate Entry System

Introducing the Revolutionary Nimbio Gate Entry System

Have you heard about the new cutting-edge gate entry system from Nimbio? At Southwest Automated Security, we’re excited to partner with Nimbio to help all of our trusted partners get access to the latest in smart gate technology. There are so many great applications for the Nimbio gate entry system, and we want to give you all of the details. Here is why you should look into adding Nimbio to your product offering:


Turing Electronic Gates into Smart Gate with Nimbio Gate Entry System

Managing access control for any gate operator can be a pain. From property managers to HOAs, managing gate access isn’t always as simple as clicking a button or turning off a switch– until Nimbio’s introduction to the market. Right now, your customers can control their electronic gates from the comfort of their smartphones from the Nimbio app. Nimbio allows admins to open gates, give access permissions and revoke access permissions without worrying about gate codes. 


 Creating a New Standard for HOAs, Apartments and Residential Security

One of the best aspects of Nimbio is that it seamlessly integrates with current installations. Your clients won’t have to ditch their call boxes, clickers or fobs because Nimbio is an add-on service that continues to function after installation. Clients can create, share and manage an unlimited number of keys with anyone through SMS, email or any other preferred method. Additionally, Nimbio’s servers have a constant secure connection to the gate, allowing Nimbio to verify resident keys using state-of-the-art Elliptic-Curve encryption. And, the cherry on top, your clients won’t have to worry about costly hardware upgrades because all of the newest features are pushed to the cloud server, so everything will always stay up-to-date.


Revolutionary Gate Entry Access and Simple Installation

Not only is Nimbio easy to use, but it’s also simple for installers. You won’t have to worry about having a WiFi connection because each Nimbio box comes with a 5g Mobile Broadband (Cellular/LTE) modem. Since cellular internet is preinstalled, all you have to connect is power and a door strike. Your clients will love all of the Nimbio features and its ability to work with nearly all automated electronic gates. Not only is it simple to install, but it’s almost a no-brainer solution for your clients. 


Ready to get the job done with Nimbio? Our team is here to help answer any questions you have about all of the Nimbio features and applications. And if you aren’t a Southwest Automated Security trusted partner, you can learn more about how to become one and what to expect from us by clicking here. Contact us today to get started with Nimbio. 


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Spring into Intercom Security and Gate Operator Deals

Spring into Intercom Security and Gate Operator Deals

From intercom security to gate operators, we have a whole inventory of products to help you get excited about spring installations. At Southwest Automated Security, we strive to provide our truster partners with the latest and greatest in the electronic security industry. If you’re interested in new products, deals or product highlights, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our March 2021 deals below:


Get the Intercom Security You Need for a Great Price

During March, you can save 25% on the AES Global 603-IMPK-PE-US 3-piece security intercom. This product from AES Global allows your customers to open their gates with the click of a button from a handset/indoor unity. It also allows people to record voicemails on the intercom system allowing your clients to play them back at their leisure. Some other features include pedestal mount panel + keypad, 200 yards of open field range and an operating range of 100 yards through one exterior wall. For more information about this deal, contact us today!


The Doorking Swing Gate Operator You Need Today

Have you ever heard of the Doorking 6006 Swing Operator? It’s one of the best-in-class for swing gate operator solutions. Having a compact and aesthetically pleasing design allows for easy installation. And it’s a gate-mounted low voltage swing gate operator, so it doesn’t require mounting pads. Some of our favorite features include the magnetic lock output, the overlap feature for dual swing gate operation, the built-in battery back-up and its fully enclosed gear-reduction. For all of the features on the Doorking 6006 Swing Operator, contact us today. 


Turn Any Electronic Gate Into a Smart Gate with Nimbio

There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to the Nimbio Cellular Gate Entry System. This product’s simplicity makes it a must-have for installers, and it’s perfect for residential communities, HOAs, property managers, and so much more. Why do we love Nimbio for installers? One of the best aspects of this product is that it comes with cellular internet preinstalled, so it doesn’t require power and a door strike. And we know your clients will love it because they’ll be able to manage their electronic gate all from the comfort of their mobile phone. For more information about this revolutionary product, contact us today. 


Spring is here, and we have great opportunities for our trusted partners to deliver higher-quality products to their customers. Our team is here to make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to your unique solution. As part of our commitment to maintaining a service-focused team, we’re here to answer any questions and find your perfect solution. Let us know how we can help today by reaching out to your local SAS branch. 

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Gate Operators that will Get the Job Done

Gate Operators that will Get the Job Done

If you’re in the market for gate operators, you’ve come to the right place. Part of our commitment to our Southwest Automated Secuirty trusted dealers is to make sure they stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the wholesale electronics security industry. Here are some of our favorite gate operators that you should know about:


The Gate Mounted Slide Gate Operator from Doorking

Looking for simple installation that doesn’t require concrete mounting pads? The Doorking 6006 swing gate actuator is not only easy to install but also provides you with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution. One of the best aspects of this product is that it has a screw-driven action that is powered by a 24 volt DC motor which eliminates the concern of hydraulic leaks. Also, everything is powered by a microprocessor control board with built-in no contact magnetic limit switches that will give your customers precise control of the start and stop speed of the actuator. For more information about this product, reach out to your local SAS branch today.


The Powerful Commercial Gate Operator SlideDriver from HySecurity

Sometimes you’ll have a customer who needs a gate operator for a sensitive perimeter. HySecurity has one of the best durable, powerful, tough and smart solutions that you should look into. The HySecruity SlideDriver can move gates that weigh up to 20,000 lbs with a secure steel chassis and tamper resistant cover. Not only is it tough and durable, but it also comes with a Smart Touch Controller that allows you to configure any gate with 70+ field adjustment settings. Plus, this slide gate operator is reliable because it’s been proven to last decades with low maintenance. If you haven’t added the SlideDriver to your inventory list, you should look into it today.


Top-of-the-Line Commercial Gate Operators from Maximum Controls

Maxium Controls has two heavy duty commercial operators that you should look into. The Max Megatron 1400 Pro and the Max Megatron 1400 HP provides customers with a fast speed direct drive that opens gates from 11.5 to 18 seconds (depending on the weight) without the need for a chain, belt or pulley. And in case there’s a power failure, it also comes with a AGM 7 amp back up battery which allows for over 400 cycles without a direct connection to a power source. These gate operators are compatible with existing installations and, in most cases, can be directly bolted onto concrete pads. To find out more about the Max Megatron 1400 Pro and HP, and which one of these products fits your needs, contact us today to find the perfect solution. 


With the plethora of options available, we’re positive we’ll help you find the perfect operator to fit your customer’s needs. We have a wide range of slide gate and swing gate operators for every situation imaginable. Want to learn more about the operators listed above or are you looking for more information about the advantages of becoming a SAS trusted partner? Contact our team today and we’ll help you with anything you need. 

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Roses Are Red, Access Control Deals for You

Roses Are Red, Access Control Deals for You

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than access control deals from Southwest Automated Security. There’s more than one reason to fall in love this February with SAS partner deals, and we want you to take advantage of them today. Here is a brief overview of what we’re offering this month and how you can get your hands on these access control deals. 


Buy 1 Get 1 OPTEX Driveway Access Control

From February 1st – 26th, 2021, you can get a free OPTEX OVS-50TNR when you purchase one. The monitored hybrid through beam is an ideal access control driveway solution for most applications. With active infrared AIR dual beam technology, you’ll have a cost-effective, stable and versatile solution for almost all of your customers. Fall in love this month with the OPTEX dual beam technology that doesn’t require wiring and has a long-lasting battery life. Click here to learn more about the OBTEX OVS-50TNR


Get 100 Free Windshield Tags with the AY-U920BT

We have an exclusive Rosslare offer for all of our trusted partners. The Rosslare AY-U920BT is a UHF long range reader that can also read Bluetooth (BLE). An optimal solution for admin control security and user enrollment simplicity, this Rosslare product is a scalable solution that allows customers to improve their security with ease. And when you purchase the AY-U920BT through Southwest Automated Security, you’ll get 100 free windshield tags. Learn more about this February deal by clicking here


Purchase the 825ip, Get 100 Free Access Control Cards

For big and complex projects, Rosslare’s 825ip is an optimal solution. Ideal for projects with a high number of doors, this control panel has built-in digital logic and a cutting-edge nonvolatile memory. Plus, it comes with a backup battery, so admins can still control access rules even with spotty electrical and network connections. There’s no doubt that the 825ip is at the top of its class when it comes to access control solutions for complex projects. Find out how you can purchase the 825ip and get 100 free access control cards by clicking here


We’re sharing the love during February with all of our SAS trusted partners through this exclusive monthly promotion. Act now before we run out of stock on all of these listed items. Not a Southwest Automated trusted partner? Learn more about what to expect from SAS when you become one. For more information about our monthly promo or any other questions, contact our team today. 


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Introducing the New SAS eCommerce & Wholesale Security Product Website

Introducing the New SAS eCommerce & Wholesale Security Product Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved eCommerce and wholesale security product website! With this new website, we want to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible for our trusted partners. Even though it has a new look, you can still expect the same level of quality service from the team at Southwest Automated Security. Here are some of the new features and what you can expect from us:

New Website, Still the Same One-Stop-Shop

The new Southwest Automated Security website just went through a substantial facelift. Now you can find out how to become a dealer, sign-up for the next webinar and view all of our partner promos all in the same place. We’re making it easy for everyone to get the level of service they need and simple for our partners to find the best deals of the month. One of the greatest improvements to the site is what we did for our partners– we added eCommerce.

Buying Wholesale Security Products Just Got Easier

With our eCommerce dealer portal, you can view and order over 3,000 products. That’s right, we took our massive vendor and product list and made it easy for anyone to shop through. You can view products by category, vendor or you can give us a call and ask one of our security experts which solution best fits your needs. From dialing the phone to clicking the mouse, now our partners have more control than ever before over their purchasing experience.

The Same Quality Service You’ve Grown to Love

As part of our commitment to our partners and vendors to build a proactive, customer service-focused team, our new website launch allows our team to better serve everyone in contact with SAS. We’re still here to be the industry experts in electronic security, provide our partners with wholesale security product training and tailored solutions and help everyone succeed in the electronic security industry.

The Southwest Automated Security experience just got a whole lot better. We’re excited to see what we can do for you with our new website, and we can’t wait to find custom solutions for all of your wholesale security needs. Want to learn more about our business? Contact us today to get connected with a wholesale security expert.

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