BD Loops

BD Loops

BD Loops has over 15 years in business and is the largest supplier of preformed loops in the U.S.A. for the gate, door, and parking industries. For installation under asphalt, pavers, or in concrete – 14 AWG loop wire design for superior performance Pre tested 3 ways with meg-ohm meter, inductance tester and live detector Installation kit includes: cable ties, ground stakes, and loop lead-in labels – EZ installation guide Loop wire meets UL standard 493 for direct burial – Pre-phased at factory for EZ hoop-up Made in the USA


Permitted for use underground including direct burial in earth as Feeder or Branch Circuit Cable where provided with overcurrent protection
For use in interior wiring in wet, dry or corrosive locations under the recognized wiring methods of the
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Prefabricated Loops

RL24-40 Prefabricated Loop 4ft x 8ft
RL32-40 Prefabricated Loop 6ft x 10ft
RL36-40 Prefabricated Loop 6ft x 12ft
RL44-40 Prefabricated Loop 6ft x 16ft
RL52-40 Prefabricated Loop 6ft x 20ft
EL24-60 Prefabricated Loop 4ft x 8ft
EL32-60 Prefabricated Loop 6ft
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