Byan Systems

Byan Systems

Byan Systems has gate operators for virtually any swing or horizontal slide gate application. Their entire product line features their legendary, 4-Year Warranty (the only one in the industry). Most of our products are UL-325 and ETL certified.All hydraulic gate operators in the Eliminator Series (pictured below) need no positive stops. The gate operator automatically slows the gate during the final 5 degrees of motion.

G2M Single Phase Microprocessor

Reverse: On first activation, this button makes the gate open. Subsequent use will reverse the movement of the operator. While the gate is completely open, activation will make the gate close.
Open: Used only to open the gate.
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1100 Series Operator

The Byan 1100 Series is an in-ground operator. The drive unit for the gate is buried with the drive center line within the gate hinges. The power pack is located somewhere else and the hydraulic lines are run underground to Read More

500 Series Operator

The Byan 500 Series is a residential swing gate operator. As a light-duty operator, it should be subject to no more than 60 cycles per hour. This operator is recommended for gates 12 feet long or shorter that weight less Read More

600 Series Operator

The Byan 600 Series is a residential and medium-duty commercial operator for applications that require 100 cycles per hour or less. It is ideal for uses that do not require continuous duty. It is unique in that it does not Read More

800/900 Series Operator

The Byan 800/900 Series comes in three different styles and 2 different voltages.

800A/900A Standard Operator: It is the most powerful model in its category. By simply regulating the limiter valves it may be adapted to the required pressure. Independent … Read More

HYD1000 Slide Gate Operator

The Byan HYD1000 Series is a strong and dependable rack and pinion gate operator. This model was designed to operate with precision under the most demanding conditions. It is suitable for commercial and residential use and is rated for continous Read More