Engineered Parking Systems

Engineered Parking Systems

Engineered Parking Systems has been a manufacturer and supplier of parking control, access control, and revenue control equipment since the 1960’s. We can assist you in solving your parking and access control issues regardless of the type of facility or method of control.

Model AEC2000 Ticket Issuing Machine

Easy side access ticket roll loading
Non-contact thermal print technology
24 VDC low voltage operation
Optional internal batteries allow for operation during power interruptions
Print On The Fly barcode technology
Built-in heater
Large back-lit LCD displays date, time and
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Model TD-6030 Ticket Issuing Machine

(Barcode Machine Readable)

Current parking control applications demand rugged, well built system components designed for years of reliable, trouble free operation. This is true regardless of climate or number of duty cycles per day. Your parking applications need and deserve … Read More

Model 303-2B Ticket Issuing Machine

Weatherproof heavy gauge steel housing
Sliding hood for easy maintenance
All internal parts are plated to prevent rust
Available in AM/PM or military time
5000 ticket capacity
Thermostatically controlled heater
2″ wide X 4″ long standard ticket size

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Model 290 surface mount traffic controller

(Counterbalanced teeth, with latch-down feature)

Surface mount installation – mounts to existing roadway
1 foot wide sections to accommodate any lane width
Low profile for smooth passage
Painted safety yellow
Latch-down feature included
Counterbalanced teeth (No springs)… Read More

Model 280 surface mount traffic controller

Color : Traffic Safety Red
No excavating or asphalt cutting is required
Low profile for smooth passage
Easy to install – all welded construction
Fabricated in 3′ sections to customize your traffic lane width
1/4″ thick hot-rolled steel for lasting
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Model 200 In ground traffic controller

The Traffic Controller is a heavy duty in-ground “Directional Enforcer”. It allows traffic in one direction only. It can be used as a free entrance or exit to your parking facility. It can also be used to enforce one-way traffic Read More