FAAC is the undisputed world leader in automated systems for opening gates, doors and garage doors. FAAC produces automatic movement operators for gates, garage doors, barriers, rolling shutters, glazed doors, swing shutters, and access control systems. We offer countless solutions for intensive, heavy commercial uses as well as for residential applications.

FAAC722214 – Photocell Mounting Post

Directional photocell with diagonal alignment
Angle of detection: ± 4 degrees
Range: 100 ft
Obstacle detection time: 10 ms
Housing protection IP54
Required power supply: 24-35 VDC
Output relay rating: 100 MA/24VDC
Output relay: N.O. (normally opened) and N.C.
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FAAC785152 – Standard Photocell Set

Required power supply: 19-34 VDC or 15-25 VAC
Putpup relay rating: 25 VAC, 0.1A
Output relay: N.O (normally opened) and N.C. (normally closed)
Transmitter to receiver sensing provides reliable all-weather sensing
Range: 90ft
Dimensions: 2.75 in. x 2.75 in
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FAAC Model 620 Hydraulic Barrier Gate Operator

When Speed Counts
The Model 620 is designed specifically for traffic control applications that require extremely fast opening and closing times. When used with an aluminum beam of 8 1/2 feet or less, the 620 has an opening time of
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FAAC Model 640 Barrier Gate Operators

When Long Beams are Needed
The Model 640 is the ideal hydraulic barrier for controlling heavy traffic at wide entrances. The 640 operates continuously, raising aluminum beams from 13 to 23 feet long in as little as 4 to 7
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