Reno A&E

Reno A&E

Reno A&E is an innovative engineering company dedicated to advancing and improving traffic and parking control systems around the world. Inductive loop detection systems were their first products produced. An inductive loop vehicle detection system consists of two parts: an inductive loop and a detector module. An inductive loop is a wire usually wound in a rectangular or square shape that is typically seen cut into the pavement.

LF-300 Loop Finder

Locates buried & hidden roadway inductive loops
Includes Loop Finder Unit, 6 ft. Connecting Cord, 3 ft. Loop Probe with Handle, Ear Phones and 9V battery
LED meter & ear phones provide field strength indications

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HM1 Series

Holds up to 3 H1 Series Detectors Input Power
Compact Size 24 VAC
Mounts very easily in most operators
3 Heavy Duty Terminal Strips for Reliability

Input Power
24 VDC
12 VDC
120 VAC
24 VAC

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