Sirit Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Targeted at a diverse set of markets RFID technology has become a core technology for applications including: electronic toll collection, access control, cashless payment systems, product identification, and supply chain management systems including logistics, warehousing and manufacturing, and asset management.Sirit offers a range of RFID solutions: finished readers and transponders for facility access and tolling applications and embedded reader solutions for RFID integration into OEM products. Our strategic partners and customers are leaders in their respective industries giving Sirit a powerful worldwide presence. Through our sales channels, Sirit products are now in use by organizations including LXE Inc., Psion Teklogix, Zebra Technologies, PSC Inc., Texas Instruments, Intel Corporation, Dynasys Technologies, Inc., and Hand Held Products, Inc.. Sirit’s corporate headquarters are located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Technical and Customer Support located in Carrollton, TX, and a European sales and research office in Leicestershire, England. Sirit has over 55 employees.

OEM Embedded RFID Readers

Sirit’s OEM modules are “RFID-enabling” board-level building blocks that are designed to be embedded and integrated within OEM devices and finished products such as handheld / portable data terminals, label printers, and cashless payment terminals.

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IDentity Flex and IDentity ZiP

IDentity FlexSirit’s automatic vehicle identification system has been designed to give users a fast, cost effective, and highly reliable access control system. The IDentity Flex was developed to increase vehicle throughput using the latest in sophisticated radio frequency technology providing Read More

Traffic Probe

Traffic Probe Basics
Travel time between highway segments is an important measure to highway engineers, system operators, and public safety personnel. Accidents, weather, and congestion play a role in daily commute times and route decisions for travelers. A number of
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IDentity Title 21

The IDentity Title 21 Series is Sirit’s flagship product line for high speed highway applications. It complies fully with the Title 21 standard for electronic toll collection developed by Caltrans (California Department of Transportation).

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