working with an employee owned company

What does it mean to be an employee owned company? It means you can expect to work with loyal employees that put in the time necessary to produce stellar work. At Southwest Automated Security, we have created a culture fueled by our team’s desire to see our company succeed. Here is why you should work with an employee owned company like Southwest Automated Security:

Is Employee Ownership a Good Thing?

Employee ownership creates an environment driven by open communication and collaboration. Since everyone has a stake in the company, people encourage innovation and openly share ideas to improve the business. Our culture celebrates the hard work and accomplishments of every employee. Their respect and dedication for our customers is what makes us prosperous.

An Employee Owned Company Works Harder

Employees at employee owned companies become more than just workers. They are family. Their dedication, determination and passion for the success of the company helps maintain high-level expectations that our customers come to expect and admire. Our team has unrivaled respect for our customers and shows their passion through their enthusiasm for their work.

The Benefits for Both Clients and Employees

So how does an employee owned company work? It works exceptionally well! Since employees are incentivized on the business’s success, this creates a spillover effect that customers benefit from all of the time. The team at Southwest Automated Security loves going to work because it isn’t a job; it’s their passion. Their dedication and hard work is what makes our company great!

Working with a company owned by employees creates success on every level. We have a collaborative, transparent and hard-working team that is dedicated to the success of SAS and all of our clients. Whether you’re looking to work for or with an employee owned company, we want to hear from you. Contact our team today to learn more about the SAS difference.

Photo Sourced from Southwest Automated Security

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